Someone Shot At Me

As of late, I have been conflicted regarding who I want to be and accepting the truth that consumes my daily thoughts. All the normalcy that I drew limited comfort from went out the window this week! And within my heart that bleeds Black I understand why... The persistent killing, economic oppression and abuse of … Continue reading Someone Shot At Me

Stay Home…

What a strange time we live in? It's easy to tell people to stay inside due to Corvid-19. It's simple to see the benefits when you don't live paycheck to paycheck. When you have the option, the privilege, the ability to work from home and receive paid sick leave that's wonderful! But what about the … Continue reading Stay Home…

Hard Water in the City

These city streets done seen more blood than Aunt Flow Is there a future for me in a┬áplace filled to the rim? With stereotypes outliving them If it was a pond, would you jump in? I mean it's not as complicated as I make it seem To all those in the loop, life is but … Continue reading Hard Water in the City

Gentrification Nation: Litter on the Ground

Move us out Tell us that our children born and raised HERE Don't have the right to stay   Build luxury condos So we can't afford to pay Clean up the garbage That once covered the streets, where we stay The things that our taxes should have covered before you came   Invoke the law … Continue reading Gentrification Nation: Litter on the Ground

aMERICAN Nightmare

Poverty and tears Brought me here   Blood shot eyes and Nightmares Brought me here   Inequity and a dream deferred Brought me here   Hopes of being free as a bird Brought me here   I can't allow myself to me trampled on for your GREAT SOCIETY Waking up in a cold SWEAT Brought … Continue reading aMERICAN Nightmare