Coworkers to the Rescue

I feel like someone needed to read this today.... So here it goes, me baring my soul! As of late, a Sista been going through. Lord, I have been to the bottom and I want to sail to the top type of feeling. Yesterday was hard. So hard in fact, I had tears for breakfast … Continue reading Coworkers to the Rescue

Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

  Lately, I have been reading poetry and trying to dig into the works of authors and poet's who inspire me. The first poet that inspired me to write was Langston Hughes. His description of life and his experiences gave color to my childhood as I used his work as a source of inspiration. In … Continue reading Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

Red Veil

  My eyes dulled over from broken promises And expired love long gone My blood that once flowed like a river is now curdled Late night serenades That once birthed my hopes Are now the site of my nightmares I gave up Somewhere in between falling in and out of heartbreak While praying for the … Continue reading Red Veil

How I Lost My Courage

Yesterday, I thought about the Wizard of Oz, or Wiz for those of you that prefer the Afro themed version with Diana Ross, reference. And how it correlated with my inability to Let Go and try new things. Day after daY, I sit at work and ask myself… What I doing? Am I wasting my … Continue reading How I Lost My Courage