I been playing with this concept of special indeed, let's see where it leads me. Intensifier Love is special indeed. It keeps my icy blood running. In hopes that it will thaw once more. Just the thought of having someone to care for, a person whom I adore. Love in and of itself is an … Continue reading Intensifier


  Rebel he want all the smoke brown, raw tobacco hits unfiltered let it marinade the lungs in bee stings and cause the body contractions akin to what a broken heart can bring unconscious sutures cause suffering as he sucks in the fire the blaze numbs the pain in the thick of the moment he … Continue reading Rebel

We Live Here

We Live Here we blow bubbles as though we occupied a pineapple at the heart of the sea we pound words into clay and use fossilized seaweed to make cutlery   we are not merpeople but we live here a place that defies logic and misrepresents fear   feet beckoned by unknown forces draw near … Continue reading We Live Here