Innocence Dies

Innocence Dies I stood on the sidelines last time For a bit of rest To accommodate my breaking soul As time inches closer to an ever-changing pendulum I Pray for a quality of life I have yet to experience While pushing for a level of equity That extends beyond skin color I dig my hands … Continue reading Innocence Dies


Photo by Pixabay on Break Small intricate cogs slip out of place Screws loosened at the arm's base Intuitive programs accumulate malware Causing the computer to perform in a weakened state Viruses infiltrate and shut down the mainframe All I know is Machines break!   Love always, Esha ❤

Can I Get a Witness? 

Can I Get a Witness?  beat it like a cockroach on a bathroom wall  slide like ice is under your feet  strike with the accuracy of a bald eagle  and the ferocity of a lioness in heat be like hyenas cunning and lethal stalking your territory for a way to feed your people be fearless … Continue reading Can I Get a Witness? 

Inside of You

Inside of You i think... we work it through like rainwater refreshed by the leaf it fell onto break, reform and come back renewed   it is akin to the tree that falls in the forest and no one knew a whole ecosystem  living and reliving is inside of you...   Thank you for reading … Continue reading Inside of You