Short Thought: Useless

Useless Hope is useless if you forget to apply effort. Sometimes we wait for good things to happen instead of becoming the good we want to see. Love always, Esha ❤

Thoughts: What Is Grace?

  Photo by Pixabay on What Is Grace? It's the power to walk away from a bad situation with your head held high. The courage to take the high road even when it adds on additional travel time. Or maybe, it's the way you make people feel when you leave. The twinkle in your … Continue reading Thoughts: What Is Grace?


Efforts i work on it, a little more everyday i work up the courage to write, to believe, to pray, to try and think of something smart to say no matter how much effort it takes Love Always, Esha 🌺🌺

Hard Work

Hard Work just go for it! lace your shoes up stretch your tendons, shake loose sleeping muscles   get ready for the bout of your life we reach to climb, dig in deep to sacrifice: comfort replaced by effort relaxed strolls sideswiped for swollen ankles and ice-pack assisted knees   trading in blue moon occasions … Continue reading Hard Work