Resentment We talk to each other With words bound to stir resentment Two became one Then disconnected for freedom's sake Is it too late to start over? Or is this fate? In silence, we (restless souls) wait. Love always, Esha ❤

Precarious Love

Photo by Jasmine Carter on Precarious Love What is it? This delectable love thing... It is teeth clenched (on an ear pull)? Or is it the air pushed off a bat's wing? We don't know what it is But it awakens every sensation in the body It goes on dates It lives to party. … Continue reading Precarious Love

Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed what is the catalyst for fate? to believe that we're going to be happy for the rest of are days to pray and mediate as you patiently wait for an answer how to heal a broken heart? how to heal a loved one's cancer? eyes a mist with bitter tears is my presence … Continue reading Mustard Seed

The Small Business Struggle

caught in the crosshairs of politicians gain  looking for sunshine  outside dismal rain  thought the breakthrough was the cure    inequality flaunted like open sores  save the rich, evade the poor  so when they suffer  no one knows what for    but we all see it  the fuchsia elephant in the room  the equality the … Continue reading The Small Business Struggle