I've been working through some things lately... Outcast Once again, I stand with sorrow And no dreams for tommorrow in my destitue heart It pains me like a jabbing feeling in the back of my neck. Every morning is a difficult reality of a life spent in sadness. But a twinkling light full of tender … Continue reading Outcast

How Are You?

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com How Are You? Whenever someone asks, How are you? I answer with a customary response... I'm well and you, Escapes my mouth like a chiseled lie I've practiced a thousand and one times   Yet the taste of it leaving my tongue is still bittersweet I recite delicate lines … Continue reading How Are You?


Photo by Hristo Fidanov on Pexels.com Restless I dream of you in midday With no shadows in sight You are my get away You make my world feel right So whenever you're away... I expect restless nights   Love always, Esha ❤    


Photo by Guillaume Hankenne on Pexels.com Beautiful I know what it's like to live in misery. And I can tell you that everyday feels like a bottomless pit of sorrow. But when you surpass that state of sadness and utter self-deprivation... A new found joy awaits you on the other side. And for me that's … Continue reading Beautiful