Unreleased: Snow Globe

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com Snow Globe We skate figure 8's Arm's stretched out-wide to catch the draft We live for the moment There is thrill in our laugh Wearing a coat too big to fit Trekking through the slush But it fails to penetrate insulated boots Strong enough to crush acorns with Mittens … Continue reading Unreleased: Snow Globe

Guitar Player

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com Guitar Player Pluck at freshly strung guitar strings  Glide steady fingers across vibrating cords  Play a funky tune for the disillusioned and bored  Make the sad leap and shout for joy   Your tunes create happiness That bad energy can't destroy You gather the lost with your sound  Jaws … Continue reading Guitar Player

No Words… Sorta

  No Words... Sorta no words shall leave my finger tips if it ain't about you i'm swept away by the things you do the way you move   i am enthralled by the thought of you draw certain palms along tempting hills and roll with me sweating summer dew renews my cravings for you … Continue reading No Words… Sorta