Elite Rules

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com Elite Rules The rules never apply to those who make them. They only apply to common folk. Who work hard but are still broke. But we make car engines purr... We make planes soar... We stitch the ensembles fashion week in Paris adores... But the elites build the reality … Continue reading Elite Rules

Chicago Tourist

Chicago Tourist  roof top views from sky scrapers leave unfamiliar eyes speechless the faces of tourists shine with excitement and wonder radiant rays bright enough to take you down under airplanes hoover over head we stare at them from foggy openings in the smog covered sky we watch trains blow smoke as they pass by … Continue reading Chicago Tourist

Church Folk

Church Folk   they wait on sunshine from starless heavens cry on bended knees palms open wide to the ceiling   celebrating God with glee as they clap their hands and stump their feet jokes dispel hard times   so they communicate in laughter the present is cold so they wait... on the here after … Continue reading Church Folk