Run Fast

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Run Fast Move like your life depends on it. Be swift like the wind easing over an eagle's back. Hussle to the sound of music that leads you home. Take your Father's wheels to the open road. Ignore the logic you were imprinted with. Forget the lies you were … Continue reading Run Fast


Photo by cottonbro on Unsustainable Comparing lives makes an envious soul angry Social media scrolling turned to unsustainable jealousy But we continue looking through the window Seeing the things we desire on full display Never acknowledging our faults But finding faults in others Forgetting the dreams we use to have As we dive into … Continue reading Unsustainable

It’s Just Make Believe

  It's Just Make Believe i made it up the appearance of strength the wispy laugh, the bashful eyes the know it all persona   just to get along fake it till you make it, served up in a veggie roll i won't consume but i expect you to   nonetheless, wont you turn loose … Continue reading It’s Just Make Believe