Resentment We talk to each other With words bound to stir resentment Two became one Then disconnected for freedom's sake Is it too late to start over? Or is this fate? In silence, we (restless souls) wait. Love always, Esha ❤

Can I Get a Witness? 

Can I Get a Witness?  beat it like a cockroach on a bathroom wall  slide like ice is under your feet  strike with the accuracy of a bald eagle  and the ferocity of a lioness in heat be like hyenas cunning and lethal stalking your territory for a way to feed your people be fearless … Continue reading Can I Get a Witness? 

Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth On June 19th 1865 we heard the chime of freedom 2 years of sweet reluctant truth... reached enslaved ears in Galveston, Texas elation soared in tow with archangels and they blew a golden trumpet for us beyond the frightful barks of German Shepard's bullet shells and exuberant hymns was still peace... no more … Continue reading Happy Juneteenth

Spoken Word: I’m Free Too

they call me divine mystic skin mahogany kissed by red wine i studied hard so i enrolled in school take out loans like they do share the same bathroom, dorm floor, bedroom so they make me think... i'm free too   who am i? some may ask, grit their crooked teeth and give sly looks … Continue reading Spoken Word: I’m Free Too