Photo by rikka ameboshi on Protagonist You are dazzling stories yet to be told. A protagonist dead set on achieving your goals. Who will the antagonist be? A crime syndicate or political coverups and treachery. You are the crusader eagerly working to create a life more abundant than yesterday. You are the last standing … Continue reading Protagonist

Goal Attainment

Goal Attainment Just give it a second Wait for the perfect moment to strike Even if it takes all day Even if you have to endure the stillness of night Stay vigilant until the conditions are right You only lose focus When your goals are out of sight Love always, Esha ❤    

We Interlock

We Interlock it's 6:40 am, you call me, i wake up brush my pearly whites, swiftly shower, get dressed, put on my makeup and take notice of the fading shadows outside dash out the front door into the unknown abyss i look back one last time as i hop into your ride i cast my … Continue reading We Interlock

Sacrificing Closeness

Haiku afternoon in progress... Sacrificing Closeness please stand here and wait six feet apart if you will one goal, don't get ill   If you enjoyed this post... If you would like to see more... Please like, share, comment and subscribe 🙂 - Much love, Esha