https://anchor.fm/esha-montgomerydapoet/episodes/Uncharted-e16q2bn Photo by Schubu00ebrt Schu2019neider on Pexels.com Uncharted We have no title These waters are uncharted We exist to love We love to exist We dream of the moment We live for this You stare into my heart I peer into your soul You are the wild part of me The factor I can't control … Continue reading Uncharted

What Is Success?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com You know what path to follow... Let no one dim your light! What Is Success? People believe that success Is determined by how much you make. It's wrapped in your job title. Baked into earthly possessions, Attractiveness and networking capabilities. But it's anything but simple and far exceeds material gains. … Continue reading What Is Success?

Sleep Drenched Tears

tHE HOT COALS BENEATH me have lit my soul a flame My feet SWELL like loaves of bread rising in the oven I hope DON'T NOBODY start nothing The veil has FALLEN and my condition is bruised When I CRIED WHERE were you? Part of me died and hope fell through The cracks like a … Continue reading Sleep Drenched Tears

The Power of Persistence

The Power of Persistence Whenever I feel stressed, I turn on a good comedy special or listen to a comedian I find funny. Ever blue moon, I receive gems I can carry with me throughout my life or just the week. One day, while Youtube surfing I located a video of SINBAD. Counting viewership it … Continue reading The Power of Persistence