The beauty of a determined flower.


  Rebel he want all the smoke brown, raw tobacco hits unfiltered let it marinade the lungs in bee stings and cause the body contractions akin to what a broken heart can bring unconscious sutures cause suffering as he sucks in the fire the blaze numbs the pain in the thick of the moment he … Continue reading Rebel

Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

I was listening to Erykah Badu's Bag Lady and I felt inspired. It is time to shed the old for the new and move into the phase of internal spring cleaning.  I hope you enjoy the poetry:   A table is set in front of you Take chances and believe Are you too pessimistic for … Continue reading Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

Emoji Lies

  it's hard to locate but even more difficult to find i gotta get a peace of mind until then i'll play like i'm fine   wear bright colors as though the sadness doesn't sit like a bench on my mind   pose for the camera smile for the gram paint in societal lines a … Continue reading Emoji Lies

Heart in Hand

Your close to me like baby oil on my skin Yet, you are are nothing more than a memory that lives within Your heart has grown tired of me We live like vines growing among ivy you have become bored with me I have grown but you don't give eye to me I lash out … Continue reading Heart in Hand