The Good

The Good The good is the kind gestures you do when no one is watching. They are the interconnected moments that we share with others who have the ability to make us feel less alone and more united. Each act of love brings us closer to our humanity. Till next time, Esha ❤

My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words

Scared to Run Out of Words I took a little break from writing. Because I was scared, worried that I might run out of poetry to make and words to say. But  words are infinite. People create new ones everyday. To describe what they feel and what they are doing? When all is said and … Continue reading My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words


  today, bitter unlearned sweat glistened from hard temples coated in hurt and frustration black, blue and red marker covered signs that said: Black Lives Matter, Justice For George, We All Bleed The Same   speak to the distress we feel the agony we see everyday and on TV the inequity we swallow like chalky … Continue reading Today