Ugly Truth

This poem is for us. Whoever us might be.... Ugly Truth You can run away from reality But you can't hide from the ugly truth It lurks in the things you say It lives in the things you do It rides on the passenger side Of time chasing you Put on a nice presentation And … Continue reading Ugly Truth

Help Others

Help Others write a memoir full of kindness all the shallow misdeeds of piety contributions fall short… care now with no reason for recourse if you are burden bring out the wild daffodils and sun washed sky give what you can to help others survive Love Always, Esha ❤️💕

Reach Out Season

For those of you that didn't know Covid-19 has triggered reach out season. If you have any people in your life that you don't see eye-to-eye with reach out to them. Let them know you still care; make an effort this year because tomorrow is not promised and it never was. All of the drama … Continue reading Reach Out Season