Cutting Lies

Cutting Lies Tell hungry lies To keep the truth at bay Run for cover under false tales Paint over the nasty details Move the goal post so no one comes Within 500 feet of it You change the course of conversation with precision Like a doctor performing surgery You carefully cut away the infection Love … Continue reading Cutting Lies


Talk Brotha can we talk? No fists, no knives, no guns and no baseball bats There is a time and a place for physical combat But the youth need to see How level headed adults negotiate We must unify like flocks of birds Taken to the baby blue sky There can be no pride in … Continue reading Talk

Just a Thought: Survival

Just a Thought: Survival  this is my battle to fight but i never ignited the war  at first, i didn't want to charge in didn't care to argue... throw mud, sling knives and cause a stir but as tarnishing trust  filled the air with smoke signals and hysteria till i found a cause i deemed … Continue reading Just a Thought: Survival