Run Fast

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Run Fast Move like your life depends on it. Be swift like the wind easing over an eagle's back. Hussle to the sound of music that leads you home. Take your Father's wheels to the open road. Ignore the logic you were imprinted with. Forget the lies you were … Continue reading Run Fast

How Are You?

Photo by Vie Studio on How Are You? Whenever someone asks, How are you? I answer with a customary response... I'm well and you, Escapes my mouth like a chiseled lie I've practiced a thousand and one times   Yet the taste of it leaving my tongue is still bittersweet I recite delicate lines … Continue reading How Are You?

Small Thoughts: Lies

Small Thoughts: Lies Lies are bittersweet tales, fixed in sullen eyes, hidden in the cracks of crooked, rotten teeth, painted on trusting faces illustrated in the shifts of broken pavement but we walk on them anyway...   Love Always, Esha 🌺🌺

Our Forest

Our Forest remember when love and exaltation was the only words your lips could form now only lies and sour remnants of lore remain remember when sweat use to pour from our responsive skin like rain but as time flew by things weren't the same remember the late night calls that turned pm to am … Continue reading Our Forest