Photo by Miriam Alonso on Big-Eyed Look into the silver framed mirror, Covered in watermarks Big-eyed wonder stares back at you Questions form around the pupil's black ring Who will you be today? What will you choose today? How will you find your way? We are falling rain drops in a storm Searching for … Continue reading Big-Eyed


Photo by Yuvraj Salam on   Thunder He runs with the deadly, sublime thunder Burning through misty fixed air with predestined might Loving the look And the howling sound of rolling light   He curtails his body to its quick movement Blending into the explosive glow against the expansive night Never knowing where he … Continue reading Thunder

Uncharted Streets

Uncharted Streets don't you feel better?  our love is renewed  you got me  and i got you  no more feeling blue  after all the things we've been through…  you awaken my senses  like fresh blueberry muffins  in the morning i kiss you to life  when the mundane seems boring  we play in the parks of … Continue reading Uncharted Streets