Precarious Love

Photo by Jasmine Carter on Precarious Love What is it? This delectable love thing... It is teeth clenched (on an ear pull)? Or is it the air pushed off a bat's wing? We don't know what it is But it awakens every sensation in the body It goes on dates It lives to party. … Continue reading Precarious Love

You & Me

You & Me  old scars heal fast  because you make me laugh we joke like lost kinfolk at a barbecue    you bled through my paper thin resolve  treating my ruptured heart like a jigsaw  you were assigned to solve    whenever I’m over you  i look up to find myself back underneath you  resuming … Continue reading You & Me

What’s Up With You?

  What's Up With You?  I would of gave it all And then some YOU lose And win some   But never us I believed in a future I couldn't trust My heart ached And my mind became restless   Give me a kiss, I can rely on A shoulder,  I can cry on Love … Continue reading What’s Up With You?

Love Continued …

I'm drinking some red wine. I feel lovely tonight. I hope you feel lovely too! 🙂   Love Continued... i am love that boiled over into ecstasy chocolate outlines my plush skin it is the hot center at the core of me it feels like gray smoke creeping up smooth curvaceous grounded thighs   it … Continue reading Love Continued …

Free Your Mind Black King

Wet kisses and warm hugs Are what I'm dreaming of   Strong grips on my thick hips And the sounds of impassioned love   The BEAUTY OF chocolate swirls intertwined Your eyes LOCKED ON mine   Even if just for A MOment in time I SEE your troubles and Encourage you to free your mind … Continue reading Free Your Mind Black King