The Length of Hope

The Length of Hope I learned sometime ago that hope has the power to sustain the soul of man. It extends beyond the existence of money. So as the perils of life remain present cling onto the remnants of hope. Love always, Esha ❤

Call Me Sunshine

Photo by Simon Berger on                   I am a chocolate sunrise floating over still land A part of God's divine plan People regard me as beautiful but fail to understand... That my existence is not equated to the abundance of man Pull out your paint brush … Continue reading Call Me Sunshine


Addiction He flirts with death He a stone cold, hope killer The pain gets no realer He smoke the dope   I'm not pointing no fingers But scorn follows the drug dealer He trades in disaster When people are going down He helps them get there faster   But the user just wants to feel … Continue reading Addiction


Last year, I wrote this poem when Nipsey Hussle died. During that time, I was looking for answers. In many ways, I still am... So many people are affected by gun violence. I have been meaning to talk about this but the pain can be hard to put into words sometimes.   Hometown another good … Continue reading Hometown

Just a Thought: We Are

We Are we are not monolithic we speak different tongues come from many lands come in many colors   spread over space and time we were here when civilization began with night on our back   and a flame in our hand the first woman to give birth to man some call us... the dawn … Continue reading Just a Thought: We Are