Few Words: Tender

Tender You are tender to me Like a prayer forming from reluctant lips I speak your name Love always, Esha ❤

Talk That Talk: Emotionless

Talk That Talk: Emotionless   you're just a vibe you'll be in some other chick's bed by the end of the night and that's just fine so don't go playing tricks with my mind acting as though you're sincere when that's just a lie and if there's one thing i hate... it's wasted time don't leave … Continue reading Talk That Talk: Emotionless

Said My Name

we google map to a destination and met at a crossroad seems like the reality that we strive for has yet to unfold   it slips through our fingers too buttery to hold loose mud too unpredictable to mold   i was your lover not long ago -do you remember? the way you use to … Continue reading Said My Name