Run Fast

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Run Fast Move like your life depends on it. Be swift like the wind easing over an eagle's back. Hussle to the sound of music that leads you home. Take your Father's wheels to the open road. Ignore the logic you were imprinted with. Forget the lies you were … Continue reading Run Fast

Hungry Mouse

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Hungry Mouse Hidden behind fancy blinds  That sparingly rounds the corners of a stubborn mouth A wagging tongue flounders in ceremonial garb Trying to stop realness from spilling out Through a battered and deteriorating roof On a dilapidated house The only creature that stirs there Is a hunger stricken … Continue reading Hungry Mouse

Notebook Memories

Notebook Memories farewell monsieur, i loved ever second of our meeting the tales i shared with you precious memories that i never told a soul   the notes pinned in your folds the strife that you coerced me through a love that comes and goes but always renews   best friend you held onto  my … Continue reading Notebook Memories