Run Fast

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Run Fast Move like your life depends on it. Be swift like the wind easing over an eagle's back. Hussle to the sound of music that leads you home. Take your Father's wheels to the open road. Ignore the logic you were imprinted with. Forget the lies you were … Continue reading Run Fast

No Longer Hidden

Photo by Craig Adderley on No Longer Hidden silky hands talk steady to permeable marble skin quiet thoughts are exchanged in focused glances between determined lovers as passion rose in the dim candle light it twirled with the aroma of sweet incense the sound of the rain fall became our radio the tapping of … Continue reading No Longer Hidden


  Photo by Teresa Howes on Awake The trust is eroded I've given up on everythang that I latched on too Bet you didn't notice Never thought I would separate from you   So your binoculars lost focus But just like the ocean I waddled away feeling blue Once I was taken in by … Continue reading Awake

Staring Over

Starting Over  The struggle of starting over again lies in the process... Create it, piece by piece, layer by layer, inch by inch you mold it's form. Use the love embedded in your open palms to keep it warm. Then embellish it with each every morsel of your reverie that was tore. Voila! a new … Continue reading Staring Over

Open Road

Open Road been waiting for you at our favorite spot outside the vineyard, down the street from the truck stop remember the highways cruise you, me, radio static, a box of wine and the hum of blues arguments, bruising jokes, tumbleweeds and tire skids are all that remains... but whenever a coyote howls i hold … Continue reading Open Road