Fearless I don't mind falling down, scraping my knee and being laughed at in the process. What scares me is giving up before I succeed.   Love Always, Esha ❤

Just a Thought: Grateful

Grateful  As the summer sun, falls into twilight; drawing it's season to a sorely anticipated close. I reflect on my life and despite all the challenges I have encountered... I am still grateful to be alive. Love Always, Esha

My Opinion: Calling Me

My Opinion: Calling Me If you see someone being persecuted or mistreated stand up against that injustice don't be complacent! Silence is the protector of evil. But even though I don't know what tomorrow holds... I am excited and hopeful because the promise of a life free from persecution and fear calls to me. A … Continue reading My Opinion: Calling Me

Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words

Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words As of late, I have been discovering the importance of properly managing the external pressures I encounter. And with every passing day I feel myself growing into a better person... a more understanding person. For the first time in my life, I feel at ease with the sting of … Continue reading Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words