Goal Attainment

Goal Attainment Just give it a second Wait for the perfect moment to strike Even if it takes all day Even if you have to endure the stillness of night Stay vigilant until the conditions are right You only lose focus When your goals are out of sight Love always, Esha ❤    


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Break Small intricate cogs slip out of place Screws loosened at the arm's base Intuitive programs accumulate malware Causing the computer to perform in a weakened state Viruses infiltrate and shut down the mainframe All I know is Machines break!   Love always, Esha ❤

My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words

Scared to Run Out of Words I took a little break from writing. Because I was scared, worried that I might run out of poetry to make and words to say. But  words are infinite. People create new ones everyday. To describe what they feel and what they are doing? When all is said and … Continue reading My Thoughts: Scared to Run Out of Words


Radar with lightning precision your eyes lock on to mine we are destined for a collision light beams shooting through untouched realms of our minds we dine on a lover’s twilight that is limitless... it exists in and out of time Love Always, Esha ❤