Reality Of LOVE

Reality Of Love Anyone can fall in love with an idea... It takes heart and patience to fall in love with the reality of a person.  Love always, Esha ❤

Ugly Truth

This poem is for us. Whoever us might be.... Ugly Truth You can run away from reality But you can't hide from the ugly truth It lurks in the things you say It lives in the things you do It rides on the passenger side Of time chasing you Put on a nice presentation And … Continue reading Ugly Truth

Hungry Mouse

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Hungry Mouse Hidden behind fancy blinds  That sparingly rounds the corners of a stubborn mouth A wagging tongue flounders in ceremonial garb Trying to stop realness from spilling out Through a battered and deteriorating roof On a dilapidated house The only creature that stirs there Is a hunger stricken … Continue reading Hungry Mouse


God i stretch towards the winding, cloud filled ceiling reaching, pulling for a better reality than the one i have been given as a creation, i draw closer to the creator i draw closer to God. Love Always, Esha