Run Fast

Photo by Samuel Silitonga on Run Fast Move like your life depends on it. Be swift like the wind easing over an eagle's back. Hussle to the sound of music that leads you home. Take your Father's wheels to the open road. Ignore the logic you were imprinted with. Forget the lies you were … Continue reading Run Fast

Accepting Yes To Understand No

Photo by Pixabay on Accepting Yes To Understand No Yes to the future Yes to the past Yes to the people, places and things that did not last strolled down the road of No evading obvious cracks in the concrete walked to the left of yes but there were No chance encounters No miracles … Continue reading Accepting Yes To Understand No

Open Road

Open Road been waiting for you at our favorite spot outside the vineyard, down the street from the truck stop remember the highways cruise you, me, radio static, a box of wine and the hum of blues arguments, bruising jokes, tumbleweeds and tire skids are all that remains... but whenever a coyote howls i hold … Continue reading Open Road

Watering Hole

Watering Hole forego the trauma, brush it off forget about the troubling things... former friends and foes use to say   forge a narrow cement road through the mountain paved from the dusty lessons of yesterday mature from the season you spent away   journey to destinations uncharted swim in the burgeoning ocean of lucidity … Continue reading Watering Hole