To Be Missed

Photo by Miriam Fischer on To Be Missed I skim through the countless grains of sand In search of our love. Or was it lost among the pearls in the sea? Perhaps taken to Davy Jones Locker? A prisoner of the deep. I am a vexed soul on the verge of losing sleep. Hoping … Continue reading To Be Missed


Photo by Keira Burton on Hearsay The hearsay is here to stay It's vibrates off the ear drum like white noise It sounds like a windup, toy T-rex It whispers, Why do you even try? It screams, You have nothing left   It eats through your peaceful dreams It destroys your sense of self … Continue reading Hearsay

Trigger Warning: Ills of Man

  Photo by Robin McPherson on Ills Of Man I can't be angry at you anymore Tying myself and my heart in knots Tripping over my own legs following after you Has left me feeling discombobulated   We are separated by mindset I could put your progress in an Easy-bake oven 10 years of … Continue reading Trigger Warning: Ills of Man


Photo by Naveen Annam on Homeless Morals... Where are thee? Hidden underneath rocks Thrown into the bottom of the sea Poor man fights hunger Rich man fights greed   Government rarely backs programs That support the needy Get a job, yelled from car windows As though they were coins Falling into a wishing well … Continue reading Homeless

Only You

  Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Only You Only the wind can dodge a bullet Only the moon can roll the sea Only bees can pollinate the flowers And only you can love me   Love always, Esha ❤