https://anchor.fm/esha-montgomerydapoet/episodes/Uncharted-e16q2bn Photo by Schubu00ebrt Schu2019neider on Pexels.com Uncharted We have no title These waters are uncharted We exist to love We love to exist We dream of the moment We live for this You stare into my heart I peer into your soul You are the wild part of me The factor I can't control … Continue reading Uncharted

Waiting In Truth

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com Waiting In Truth The truth lies in the back of a still throat, waiting to be expressed, acknowledged and heard. Desiring to be picked up by the five senses of a person tuned out to the world. To be seen in the dazzling break of day. To dream of … Continue reading Waiting In Truth


  Alive play your song for us... bring talkative voices to a hushed tone tug heart strings, sway bodies that stand stiff, swing hair, ruffle feathers and send senses into overdrive you are the artistic expression of music that nurtures rhythmic sound keeping the human soul alive so please...  play your song for us   … Continue reading Alive