Short Thought: Useless

Useless Hope is useless if you forget to apply effort. Sometimes we wait for good things to happen instead of becoming the good we want to see. Love always, Esha ❤

Good Crop

  Good Crop i stand in awe of plush fertile land that produces more than beauty rows of corn as far as the eye can see a ball of fire ascending above tilled and risen fields of flourishing wheat that forged ambition   we break bread with the farmers of tomorrow hoping their efforts will … Continue reading Good Crop


Absolute   thank you for pulling teeth, pushing goals, investing in fantasy devoid of logic and believing in me   i salute you for standing tall when i need a shoulder to lean on i respect your iron clad nature   and your love for what you do there is more than lust between me … Continue reading Absolute

Short poem: Heart

  Heart for all intensive purposes... i am true to my heart the call of it beckons me and the pain of it drives me away it is the only person i can't lie to   If you enjoyed this post... If you would like to see more... Please like, share, comment and subscribe - … Continue reading Short poem: Heart