Resentment We talk to each other With words bound to stir resentment Two became one Then disconnected for freedom's sake Is it too late to start over? Or is this fate? In silence, we (restless souls) wait. Love always, Esha ❤

Loving You

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Loving You I didn't think about love much What is the role of a kiss? For someone who considers isolation bliss What is the purpose of a hug?   For someone unaccustomed to touch I grew use to the anticipation of sex without passion Desiring connections without compassion Never … Continue reading Loving You

Boxer   My hope is that this poem will encourage, inspire and uplift all those who hear and read it to keep pushing and never give up. Boxer you do it for me every time, melanated children of God with skin like shining bronze,   your hair stands proud and tall like freshly baked … Continue reading Boxer