Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Redemption I wish I could tell you the truth Without shame or judgement Without pointed words attacking me Like daggers cutting through bruised flesh This is the only place I can go I have been rejected from the rest I am the black sheep And the shepherd's burden It's … Continue reading Redemption

Chicago Tourist

Chicago Tourist  roof top views from sky scrapers leave unfamiliar eyes speechless the faces of tourists shine with excitement and wonder radiant rays bright enough to take you down under airplanes hoover over head we stare at them from foggy openings in the smog covered sky we watch trains blow smoke as they pass by … Continue reading Chicago Tourist

Bad Guy

Bad Guy you break me down into small edible pieces but i am too much too swallow i am the truth   leaving you speechless with a missing tooth ate too much sugar the root rotten and became loose   you do this! time and time again hide me in small cliff notes with no … Continue reading Bad Guy