Elite Rules

Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com Elite Rules The rules never apply to those who make them. They only apply to common folk. Who work hard but are still broke. But we make car engines purr... We make planes soar... We stitch the ensembles fashion week in Paris adores... But the elites build the reality … Continue reading Elite Rules


Photo by Sunyu Kim on Pexels.com Inside There is a land Where you will be safe from the wind An oasis buried deep inside A home within a temple It stands against all odds No generator is needed here No refrigerator is required for nourishment If you look, there is food all around No matter … Continue reading Inside

Innocence Dies

Innocence Dies I stood on the sidelines last time For a bit of rest To accommodate my breaking soul As time inches closer to an ever-changing pendulum I Pray for a quality of life I have yet to experience While pushing for a level of equity That extends beyond skin color I dig my hands … Continue reading Innocence Dies

Spoken Word: Battle

    sometimes, i look like a good Samaritan but i’m just a sister on a move see i came out the womb too quick! and lost sight of my dreams too soon   i always been the type to cut on Luther Vandross type tunes afterwards, i’m on an expedition like i was cast … Continue reading Spoken Word: Battle