Goal Attainment

Goal Attainment Just give it a second Wait for the perfect moment to strike Even if it takes all day Even if you have to endure the stillness of night Stay vigilant until the conditions are right You only lose focus When your goals are out of sight Love always, Esha ❤    

Stealing Time

Photo by Andre Moura on Pexels.com Stealing Time The pungent smell of burning candle wax brought us here. We were once caught up with the distractions of bustling city life. But at long last our intentions have aligned. Today we steal the night... Love always, Esha ❤

Thoughts: Lit Cigarette

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com Lit Cigarette I don’t know why a work shift drags like a lit cigarette puffed on by a chain smoker with decaying teeth. But today was the longest, most grueling 8 hours of a rather mundane life… Maybe it’s because I left my cash at home and labored through … Continue reading Thoughts: Lit Cigarette

Use of a Tool

Use of a Tool in the fall, the maroon, crimson, rust colored, dried leaves descend on barren ground from elm trees in metamorphosis we grab the rake we don't ask, if it would like to be used? or how it feels today?  we utilize the tool and the object of our desire... has no say … Continue reading Use of a Tool

Just a Thought: A Bouquet

A Bouquet a delivery of fuchsia, baby blue, tuscan and teal tinted roses enveloped the glass vase of transparency as the smell blankets the room... intoxicated nostrils rarely intrigued by the delights of love taking flight... in the afternoon   lounge in the spectacular array of questions...  who sent you those flowers? were you expecting … Continue reading Just a Thought: A Bouquet