Thoughts: Leaky Truth

Photo by Mareefe on Leaky Truth There is a point of no return. When the rubber meets the road and the truth seeps out like oil in a leaky container. We try to reverse the truth we have come to know but it remains the same. So we accept the changes to our perception … Continue reading Thoughts: Leaky Truth

Holding On

Photo by Aistu0117 Sveikataitu0117 on Holding On Love is like grains of sand running through nimble, oily fingers. It's hard to hold on to but you try to grasp it anyway. Love always, Esha ❤


Efforts i work on it, a little more everyday i work up the courage to write, to believe, to pray, to try and think of something smart to say no matter how much effort it takes Love Always, Esha 🌺🌺