Ugly Truth

This poem is for us. Whoever us might be.... Ugly Truth You can run away from reality But you can't hide from the ugly truth It lurks in the things you say It lives in the things you do It rides on the passenger side Of time chasing you Put on a nice presentation And … Continue reading Ugly Truth

Another Thought: Conflicted

Photo by Rachel Claire on Conflicted Your smile takes me back To a place my heart wants to stay But when you step forward I walk away... conflicted   Love always, Esha ❤

Small Thoughts: Lies

Small Thoughts: Lies Lies are bittersweet tales, fixed in sullen eyes, hidden in the cracks of crooked, rotten teeth, painted on trusting faces illustrated in the shifts of broken pavement but we walk on them anyway...   Love Always, Esha 🌺🌺

Smog’s Breeze

Smog's Breeze there's something painfully alluring about the reflection of a rainbow's translucent rings coming off the factory lights in the industrial part of town - where I live this is one of a dozen plant sites built out of rumble and slabs of hood concrete the chimney puffs charcoal colored smog as though a … Continue reading Smog’s Breeze

Young Love

Young Love remember when we walked the moonlit pier besieged by your graceful entrance enveloped in the contagious essence of your smell held by large toned muscles tough enough to make a triceratops take notice... he was a part of my cotton candy coated teenage dream riding the twists and turns  on the youthful rails … Continue reading Young Love