https://anchor.fm/esha-montgomerydapoet/episodes/Uncharted-e16q2bn Photo by Schubu00ebrt Schu2019neider on Pexels.com Uncharted We have no title These waters are uncharted We exist to love We love to exist We dream of the moment We live for this You stare into my heart I peer into your soul You are the wild part of me The factor I can't control … Continue reading Uncharted


Photo by Heiner on Pexels.com Vibe My love is on the rise... We riding with the easy breeze. We living on the wild side.                      We moving like shadows on a stone-cold groove. Enjoying the vibes bestowed by a celebratory mood.   Love always, Esha ❤


Exquisite i know your smile it creases at the corner sometimes you bite the top and let the bottom hang for a little while lick your lips like chap stick is out of style you know that kinky stuff drives me wild i love your intoxicating scent a hint of Egyptian musk and black licorice … Continue reading Exquisite