Cease Fire

Cease Fire Where are the peaceful days? That were once filled with wonder, unexpected miracles and games. I pray their not be hide me. I search the tumbleweed torn desert for a bit of rain. Fall on an open spirit once again. Bring the roaring thunder, bring the charging wind. Until reality creeps in... And … Continue reading Cease Fire


Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com Hearsay The hearsay is here to stay It's vibrates off the ear drum like white noise It sounds like a windup, toy T-rex It whispers, Why do you even try? It screams, You have nothing left   It eats through your peaceful dreams It destroys your sense of self … Continue reading Hearsay


Photo by Jan Koetsier on Pexels.com   Ever-changing The breeze Lifts my locks with ease And sings to me In a breathy howl:   Hear my sound And Reject me now Or beg for me later It's your choice   But you'll come looking for me When it's hot Then you'll be repulsed by me … Continue reading Ever-changing

Lava Mountain

Lava Mountain fire and brimstone showered from a rigid, unassuming mountain top like a jilted lover exploding rivers of lava over a break up for the first time though we understood it's raw, smoky, anger our cries went unheard, drowned out by the powerful wind, from the massive rumbling giant Love Always, Esha ❤

Night-time Haiku: Forefathers

Forefathers whisper to the wind ancestors carry us home we stand with giants   If you enjoyed this post… If you would like to see more… Please like, share, comment and subscribe – Much love, Esha