Mad It matters not what tomorrow brings... With it comes good and bad feelings. All that counts is how you react. The greatest restraint we can express comes... When we don't get mad. Love always, Esha ❤

Spoiled Plans

Spoiled Plans The milk's gone bad. So we turn sour cream into aging cheese. We turn butter with sublime ease. This is what we do to make a living we turn spoiled plans into working dreams. Love always, Esha ❤

Guitar Player

Photo by Edward Eyer on Guitar Player Pluck at freshly strung guitar strings  Glide steady fingers across vibrating cords  Play a funky tune for the disillusioned and bored  Make the sad leap and shout for joy   Your tunes create happiness That bad energy can't destroy You gather the lost with your sound  Jaws … Continue reading Guitar Player

Star Gazer

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Star Glazing When you focus on the wrong things A bad outcome is imminent. When you refine your telescope To that which nurtures the soul, Positive outcomes are infinite.   Don't let one bad day stop the journey. Every star gazer has encountered the depths Of a murky, dark, … Continue reading Star Gazer

Tough Times With You

  Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Tough Times With You It doesn’t mean anything in the end The arguments we use to have  The all too brief hugs  And the hard laughs    When it’s removed from your life  You miss the memories that enlightened your past  The times when you thought that you'd never make … Continue reading Tough Times With You