This poem is featured in my new book Bright Side of the Pale Moon which is now available on Amazon. Togetherness We are made for each other Like peanut butter and jelly on buttered toast Wind blowing through the sails of a wooden boat A nonprofit with a mission predicated on hope Two star crossed … Continue reading Togetherness


Photo by Nuno Obey on Anchor I am hook, line and sinker down You need me... I'll come around As long as you treat me well I rise when the tide swells To bring in abundant hope I am the anchor on the fisherman's boat   Love always, Esha ❤

Stronghold Before Me

    Stronghold Before Me i called out to him like i had done... so many times before only to get silence in response he is distant with no interest in drawing close  protected by an impregnable fortress that remains well guarded   inside the courtyard, German Shepard's with teeth like sharpened knives are on … Continue reading Stronghold Before Me