Photo by Nachelle Nocom on Brave Hot lead makes the sky tremble But it doesn't keep the block empty Minivans rolling, trains cruising CTA buses are steady moving Indoor eating is half way shutdown But the fried chicken spot Has a line of cars stretched around the block Weave still getting laid, Miraculously the … Continue reading Brave


Photo by Sunyu Kim on Inside There is a land Where you will be safe from the wind An oasis buried deep inside A home within a temple It stands against all odds No generator is needed here No refrigerator is required for nourishment If you look, there is food all around No matter … Continue reading Inside


Photo by Pixabay on Break Small intricate cogs slip out of place Screws loosened at the arm's base Intuitive programs accumulate malware Causing the computer to perform in a weakened state Viruses infiltrate and shut down the mainframe All I know is Machines break!   Love always, Esha ❤

Church Choir

  Photo by Elina Sazonova on Church Choir Listen to the piano player They tell you when to take a praise break The alto section's vibrato makes still earth quake Sopranos singing so high sleeping babies wake   They step on broken dreams Raising tired hands to the ceiling With prayers uttered in a … Continue reading Church Choir

Mirror Mirror

Photo by Drigo Diniz on Mirror Mirror take a hammer to the mirror and smash the glass till your ego breaks take notice of the falling reflection  cast the pieces aside for goodness sake    Love always, Esha ❤