Cutting Lies

Cutting Lies Tell hungry lies To keep the truth at bay Run for cover under false tales Paint over the nasty details Move the goal post so no one comes Within 500 feet of it You change the course of conversation with precision Like a doctor performing surgery You carefully cut away the infection Love … Continue reading Cutting Lies

Open Letter to My Brother

  Open Letter to My Brother   Where are you? When are you coming back? How could you not call? Why would you just leave like that?   I just want to know So when my children See you're missing... They'll know why your gone   We were never close Always distance like ankles and … Continue reading Open Letter to My Brother

Consistent Words

Consistent Words The hardest part is being consistent. Finding the words to speak to each other when it feels like there is nothing left to say. Then pushing back against that nothingness. Only to discover that you have more to say... We lose each other when the words stop. So hold me with your words … Continue reading Consistent Words