Mad It matters not what tomorrow brings... With it comes good and bad feelings. All that counts is how you react. The greatest restraint we can express comes... When we don't get mad. Love always, Esha ❤

A Dream In The Pasture

  Photo by Pixabay on A Dream In The Pasture fighting in your sleep last night left raccoon eyes coated in red a swaying yet diligent, bobbing head moves to dreamless cloud shaped melodies   beyond you lies lavish emerald colored grass as far as the eye can see in the day, it calls … Continue reading A Dream In The Pasture

KDP Self-publishing Mistakes

  Photo by Alexander Mils on KDP Self-publishing Mistakes Today, my book Perseverance of the Human Spirit is available. This is my third poetry book and I have learned so much along my self publishing journey. I wanted to share a bit of the common errors that can occur during formatting with Amazon's KDP … Continue reading KDP Self-publishing Mistakes