Down Stream

Photo by James Wheeler on Down Stream We are shimmering moonlight swirling on the daybreak of our own creation. Just waiting to be pushed down stream... Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Yuvraj Salam on   Thunder He runs with the deadly, sublime thunder Burning through misty fixed air with predestined might Loving the look And the howling sound of rolling light   He curtails his body to its quick movement Blending into the explosive glow against the expansive night Never knowing where he … Continue reading Thunder

Given Up…

Photo by Sachin C Nair on Given Up...  We climb to the top together But doubt seems to push me down Stretched fingertips away from touching sky Now seconds from hitting the ground As I'm falling, you turn around And reach out for me Just when I had given up You grabbed hold of … Continue reading Given Up…

Different Air

Photo by Elina Krima on Different Air The air is heavy now It hangs down low It dips below the waist It touches the floor   Carries arguments from next door It opens wide for hot lead Speaks to humming birds blown by the breeze Takes pathogens on a ride   So breathing is … Continue reading Different Air

Relationship With Food

  Photo by Pixabay on Relationship With Food Stop! Hold up! Pause! I want you but I don't need you The fried chicken with the french fries And the mild sauce on the side Been calling me   I'm so hungry I started scrolling through Uber eats I am enticed by meaty bacon burgers … Continue reading Relationship With Food