Resentment We talk to each other With words bound to stir resentment Two became one Then disconnected for freedom's sake Is it too late to start over? Or is this fate? In silence, we (restless souls) wait. Love always, Esha ❤

Precarious Love

Photo by Jasmine Carter on Precarious Love What is it? This delectable love thing... It is teeth clenched (on an ear pull)? Or is it the air pushed off a bat's wing? We don't know what it is But it awakens every sensation in the body It goes on dates It lives to party. … Continue reading Precarious Love

Soap Opera

Photo by Marta Wave on   Soap Opera What is love... Without a little bit of hate? We see romance on soap operas And intimate   What if it's more like the burning sun As it radiates What if it's more delicate Than silk lace What if its more complicated Than the lovers anticipate … Continue reading Soap Opera