Photo by Miriam Alonso on Big-Eyed Look into the silver framed mirror, Covered in watermarks Big-eyed wonder stares back at you Questions form around the pupil's black ring Who will you be today? What will you choose today? How will you find your way? We are falling rain drops in a storm Searching for … Continue reading Big-Eyed


Photo by Joonas ku00e4u00e4riu00e4inen on Crescendo You send me over the ebb Of the Swiss cheese moon When you talk sweet Sparkling eyes... meet Moving feet As we walk, clasped hands Across the disjointed street It's a joyful feeling When kindred lovers meet Your energy is a symphony's crescendo to me   Love always, … Continue reading Crescendo

Daddy’s Girl Monologue

Daddy's Girl Monologue i begged you and begged you closed my eyes... and then on Christmas morning there it was! the pink polly pocket tea castle that filled my dreams with elaborate play i thanked Mama and exulted you on that day all hail the bringer of toys! it made my tea party afternoons with … Continue reading Daddy’s Girl Monologue