Short Thought: Internal Conflict

Internal Conflict My tactical mind knows that love is not enough But my red heart flutters because love is all it needs In a tug of war who wins? Logic or the yearning of an insatiable soul The feelings that drive you Versus calculated control Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Marina Shatskih on Bullied Dysfunctional placed on my shoulders Against an urban backdrop Tapped at the vein Those that can't be labeled Are defined as strange   I'm hard wired for disappointment Still fighting old feelings Of rejection with topical ointment Visiting past memories with no appointment   High school problems being … Continue reading Bullied

It’s Everywhere

    It's Everywhere i love you sounds so simple rolling off the tongue the three words capable of making a sane person turn crazy   a phrase used in the making of babies the only time you can't be saved by maybe only the brave of heart and the depraved go there   in … Continue reading It’s Everywhere