The beauty of a determined flower.

A Dream In The Pasture

  Photo by Pixabay on A Dream In The Pasture fighting in your sleep last night left raccoon eyes coated in red a swaying yet diligent, bobbing head moves to dreamless cloud shaped melodies   beyond you lies lavish emerald colored grass as far as the eye can see in the day, it calls … Continue reading A Dream In The Pasture

Relationship With Food

  Photo by Pixabay on Relationship With Food Stop! Hold up! Pause! I want you but I don't need you The fried chicken with the french fries And the mild sauce on the side Been calling me   I'm so hungry I started scrolling through Uber eats I am enticed by meaty bacon burgers … Continue reading Relationship With Food

Lil Mama

I dedicate this poem to my lovely Mother and friend.   Lil Mama my Lil Mama is 4'10 but got enough strength to cave a head in and got enough heart to make a weak spirit bend do yo thang gurl ! little lady in a crazy world   you the chauffeur, chef, accountant and … Continue reading Lil Mama

Stronghold Before Me

    Stronghold Before Me i called out to him like i had done... so many times before only to get silence in response he is distant with no interest in drawing close  protected by an impregnable fortress that remains well guarded   inside the courtyard, German Shepard's with teeth like sharpened knives are on … Continue reading Stronghold Before Me