Short Thought: Useless

Useless Hope is useless if you forget to apply effort. Sometimes we wait for good things to happen instead of becoming the good we want to see. Love always, Esha ❤


Mad It matters not what tomorrow brings... With it comes good and bad feelings. All that counts is how you react. The greatest restraint we can express comes... When we don't get mad. Love always, Esha ❤

The Good

The Good The good is the kind gestures you do when no one is watching. They are the interconnected moments that we share with others who have the ability to make us feel less alone and more united. Each act of love brings us closer to our humanity. Till next time, Esha ❤

Honestly: All I Have

  All I Have I don't have much to give outside of poetry. Sometimes... I don't really think one person can even make a difference! But I pray now more than ever that my words are able to give someone in the world solace. If I can just make one person laugh, smile or think … Continue reading Honestly: All I Have


Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Constant That old mason jar Just keep on workin' The glass was blown to last... I sipped icy orange juice out of it When times were good I drunk chilled beer from it When tomorrow was uncertain 20 years later... It just keep on workin' That old mason jar … Continue reading Constant